10 Reasons to Love this Thursday Morning (part 3)

Weekly Thursday Morning Thankfuls and Loves ❤

I missed last week because I was in survival mode in trying to make it through my first week of work (and busiest week of work!) in one piece.

Work has been mainly great, but little things here and there that are very very frustrating… But in keeping with looking at the bright side and being thankful for the life God has blessed me with, I am going to just pray that I have the strength and patience to move past them!

  1. My family– seriously don’t know what I would do without them. They are my best friends and know me better than I know myself.  To be able to trust them when they give me advice is so reassuring because I know they love me and want only the best for me.
  2. Running– I am so so thankful that I am running (and have been running) injury free for a very long time now! I am so used to having some sort of injury that I havn’t even noticed that I have had healthy legs/lungs/feet/etc!
  3. Light in the Morning!– I love love love the brightness that creeps up earlier every day! Currently 5 mins till 6am and it is showing the beginning of dawn! This opens up so many avenues for the day and reassures me that summer is COMING!!
  4. The blogging community– As mentioned in recent posts, you guys and your advice/support/encouragement/stories/humor/workouts are just wonderful and have become a part of my daily routine! I never ever thought I would feel such a sense of community as I do from the blogging (running) world!
  5. Wake up calls– by this I mean mental health wake-up calls.  Every time I stray into negative food thinking and body image issues, somehow, in someway, I get a wake-up call that puts life in perspective. Much needed perspective…
  6. Apples– Seriously, it is 6am and I have had 4 (and 2 pears) already. Unfortunately this quickly leads to sugar/acid overload and I feel BLOATED all day… but man is it good to eat them 🙂
  7. I leave for Young Life camp in 2 weeks– I have not told you all about this yet (but don’t you worry… I will!) but I am volunteering at a Young Life camp, which is a global Christian Organizations, for 4 weeks in Michigan during the month of June. I have been worrying about how/where I am going to run while there (clearly important!) and just today on facebook, another boy staffer posted that he will be running 5 days/week and is looking for running buddies! YAYYY! I jumped on that right away!
  8. Earth Fareit is almost open!!! Seriously so excited… nothing gets me pumped like a new whole foods/health foods store with what I hear is an AWESOME salad bar. Yummmm!
  9. Dreams– I have dreams and plans of awesome, far away races to run! I am loving trying to put together a plausible plan and actually carry through with it without people whispering in my ear about the money I am spending or “Why don’t you just run a race around here??” Because I want to run in new places guys…Indiana is great and all, but….
  10. 3 day weekend– Memorial Weekend guys! No work on Monday! I sadly have no big plans, but I am really working on crashing a cookout or bbq… please let me know if you are having one and I will come bearing food 🙂

and an extra #11, as always…

God and the blessings he showers on the world everyday– it is hard to remember this while so much heartbreak and pain is on the news, but I firmly believe that God is a loving God and all things have a purpose. He knows our life from start to finish. That is reassuring, no?

Have a GREAT day everyone!

What are you thankful for / loving lately?!?

Seriously… any cookouts this weekend in the area? I want to comeeeeee


  1. All of these things…!!!
    Love earth fare.
    LOVE young life + their camps. I was involved in high school, did work crew, and was a leader for a few years.

    I have been reading for a couple weeks and am loving your blog I just emerged from the chaos that is grad school and have related/still am relating to a lot of the issues you talk about here. So thanks- It is very encouraging to hear your perspectives and see your faith come through in it all!

    1. Oh goodness THANK you! What kind words… means the world to me! You all have given me so much and I just hope I can help/impact people in even some, tiny way!! I did young life throughout high school as well, did summer staff in undergrad, and randomly had this month off of my internship and thought, “what better way to spend it then around Young Lifer’s??” haha so I will be a very OLD summer staffer this year! ((kind of nervous to be so old but… hey it will work out!))
      Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!!!

  2. pickyrunner · · Reply

    So many reasons to love today! Family and running are always at the top of my list. Your camp sounds awesome, and the fact that you might have a running buddy- awesome!!! Come to RI and we can have a cookout, s’mores included 🙂

    1. Bahhhh I would fly to RI this weekend and do the half with you then pig out on burgers/chips/smore’s all weekend!! Sounds.Awesome. haha have funnnn 🙂

  3. Family and running are important to me! I am also loving the weights class that I have been attending because I am SO sore today!! I hope you find a BBQ to attend this weekend!!

    1. yay great job on weight lifting!! And good news… just got invited to a cookout Saturday night!! whoo-hoo!!

  4. So many things to be thankful for! I’m thankful for the start of 22nd year – I’m going to make it a good one!!

    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! What a great day! I have celebrated a birthday overseas before (21st in New Zealand) and it is so fun/special!!! it WILL be a great year! gotta good feeling!! 🙂

  5. Where in Michigan do you go?! I grew up in MI 🙂
    Your list is fantastic- all things to be so happy about!

    1. Oh awesome!! I am going to be in a remote area… Lake City, MI 49651
      No one really seems to know of it…? haha it is way north and kinda east? that is all I know! It is called Timber Wolf Lodge!

      1. I’ve never heard of Lake City, but I have definitely heard of Timber Wolf Lodge 🙂 awesome!

  6. LOVE this post! I totally agree with you- we have so much to be grateful for. This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, so I needed these reminders.
    Hope you have a fun week-end- I’m working the entire weekend, so I won’t be attending any cookouts….booo 😦

    1. Sorry you had a bit of a “rough” morning.. I hate when things start off on a bad foot… and so many times I have to just remind myself how I am lucky in so many ways and am thankful for so many things in my life that are usually way more important than whatever it is getting me a tough morning!!

      Bummer about work!! Make that money girl!! If I find a cookout, I will eat a s’more in your name 🙂 Have a good one!!

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