5 @ 5 and Weight Training

We runners are a strange breed, are we not?

I am sure every single one of us have a story (or 2) of some crazy circumstance when sacrifices (sleep!) were made, inconvenience to other people (being late for things) were ignored, or danger (dark/sketchy-streets) was deemed insignificant compared to getting in that run.

Ya, we have all been there.

At home in the summer I run with a group that no matter what, meets at 5am for 5 miles. Year around, come Hell or high water. I love this. You always know you have a group to run with and motivation to get your day going on Wednesday’s.  This morning was my first run back with the for the summer. The looks I get from people (even other runners sometimes) when I say that I run in the pitch black at 5am is absolutely priceless. “But WHY???”  I don’t know… Because Why Not?

This is the BEAUTIFUL Monon that runs about 20 miles (one way) from downtown Indianapolis, North. I do most of my runs on this… it is perfect! 5 @ 5 takes place here as well 🙂 It is my happy place!


This morning was slower than usual. Actually, much slower. But that was perfectly OK with me. I was even debating going at all because I was still so sore from weight lifting, and yesterday I had put in a couple workouts– 1 hour cardio/strength class, 1 hour spinning class, and then a 22 mile (easy, but still) bike ride for work.  So I was very OK with the slow 5 miles I put in this morning. It was GOOD for me… as you guys know, recovery runs are not my forte.

I love being on top of my day…. returning from the run before 6am and eating TONS for breakfast– 4 apples (yes yes I know, this has a been a problem I have tried to solve for years. There is just no solution. I.Love.Apples.), an english muffin with peanut-butter, probably 1/2 pound of pretzels (addicting), and 2 bowls of Chex/Kashi-Go-Lean ceareal mixture. Add all that up and it is quit the breakfast…

I hope to also get in some weight’s (both olympic lifting and body resistant moves) after work today.  Since I now have a gym membership, I am hoping to get back in the swing of things!

For those of you who DO NOT do ANY type of weights or strength training… I really really (really!) encourage it! Getting stronger has made a huge difference in my running. Noticeable difference, especially on hills. Hills, which are usually most runners weakness, have become the strongest and best part of my races. I always pass people on the hills. My legs feel powerful and efficient. They do not tire out.  I can swiftly reach the peak of a hill and keep up the momentum and stride, pulling away from other runners.  Also, the mental benefits of knowing you can “dominate” a hill just makes you feel like a straight up Bad A$s 🙂

Strength training I have also found to be great for rest days from running. Runners usually hate taking days off of running… but science and research have shown more and more the absolute necessity of rest days. But getting in a 30-45 min strength training is a perfect way to still get your sweat on and get some endorphins. Also, the scream and soreness of muscles is kind of addicting!!

*And because THIS article is just SO GOOD FOR EVERYONE (especially girls) TO READ, I AM SHARING IT WITH YOU!!

“What happens when the pursuits of “Skinny” and “Strong” collide?”

It is a great article, reminding us that while the recent change in the pursuit of super skinny model figure to one of athletic, strong, six-packs is for the most part a very positive and refreshing outlook, it is still a “look” that people are striving for. And that can STILL be very damaging mentally and promote unhealthy habits and mental states. We should be striving for HEALTHY and that will look different for EVERYONE.

Do you guys do weight training? Seen any positive/negative differences?




  1. I went to my first weights class on Monday and I’m going back tonight! I really want to get stronger/faster and I’ve read a ton of articles on the benefits of strength training, so I’m trying it out. We did stairs for our lower body workout and I killed that (thanks running legs) but the trainers said they were taking it easy on us, so I’m interested to see how it goes today.

    I don’t have any really crazy running stories…I do encounter some weirdos, though. ON Monday, a man told me that he likes my stomach. I’m not sure if he was being genuine or telling me to put a shirt on..but it was weird.

    1. haha people are so weird! Lets go with him mean ing he loved your stomach and you are amazing 🙂

      Yes weight training is great and I hope you love it!! ((and way to go running legs!))

  2. Runner Girl Eats · · Reply

    I’ve just started incorporating weights recently. I’m usually all or nothing so the balance of running and weights will def be a challenge!

    1. I am most definitely an “all-or-nothing”. To the point of bad/annoying sometimes… I find as long as I space out my weights and running/cardio during the day (i.e morning/evening) then I am able to get it all in and not be too sore or anything. Weight lifiting can become addicting!!! good luck with it 🙂

  3. I love strength training- lifting heavy is so, so rewarding! Love it!! I too have found that it has helped me shave some time off my average pace- definitely love that!!
    I think my weirdest running story (so far!) is when I was running in town, I ran by a woman who was talking on her cellphone. I had ear buds in, but my music wasn’t turned on. As I ran past her (and smiled to be friendly), she told the person on the other end of the line “omg, this sweaty weirdo just smiled at me!” I laughed and thought about changing my blog name from Curly Pink Runner to Sweaty Weirdo. 🙂

    1. haha i DEFINITELY support the blog name Sweaty Weirdo!!
      And thats funny because I often run with headphones in but no music on! I didn’t know anyone else did this… I don’t even know why I do this sometimes!!

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