Life Lessons I’ve Learned…

Life Lessons I’ve Learned… From Mowing the Lawn.

While my parents were out of town in NY for 5 days, I have had the run of the house. Living by myself in my humble apartment whilst in grad school at Indiana University is one thing, but being alone in a house made for a family is another thing entirely.

I was So.Bored.So.Lonely.

Anywho, my parents were scheduled to arrive home at midnight or later last night (or this morning, whatever) and I wanted to help my dad out a bit knowing he would have to get up early for work and had an exhausting weekend of walking around NYC, running the Brooklyn Half, and driving 13 hours home. I decided the most helpful thing I could do for him was to mow the lawn.

We have had lots of rain this spring already, and the lawn in growing like a boss. Seriously, it needs to be mowed just about every other day.Β  So I knew that me doing it was one last thing he would have to come home to and deal with.

Yes, I have mowed the lawn before, but here are some things I learned this time:

Have freshly shaven legs–or else lawn clippings will stick to them.

-Do not wear chapstick— or else you will be licking/eating lawn clippings.

-Do not blow bubbles with your gum— (same as above).

-Do not compare your straight lines to your neighbors— it is like comparing yourself to Kara Goucher. You will never be as good as them.

-Sing as LOUD and as MUCH as you want-– the mower is noisy enough no one will hear πŸ™‚

-If you have an old mower like us (20 yrs) workout with up-right rows— trying to start our mower took just about every ounce of strength I had. Thank goodness for my Crossfit Training…

-If you are injured and unable to run, try mowing a BIG yard— I find the zone-out, in-your-own-world sensation mimics that which I get running. (Not to mention I swear I pushed that mower miles and miles…makes it a workout!))

-When your neighbor busts out a Ferrari-esq mower next to you, play it cool— Act like you love the fact that your mower shakes/vibrates/stops-randomly/smokes/doesn’t-start…. I mean, old school things are in style, right?

-Don’t try and be “neat” with your mowing pattern— With trees, curves, porches, bushes, yard lights, mailboxes, random weird enclosed house spaces,etc trying to be “organized” in your approach is just a waste of time. Just go with the flow, and Mow.

…. this is all I can come up with right now, but I had many MANY thoughts going during my 3 hour mow session. Good thing my dad really appreciated it and I love him.Β  That was not fun.

Who here mow’s their yard? Do you have a yard?

What are you having for dinner?

-I am having a burger and I am determined to enjoy it and eat the bun and not think about it!!! πŸ™‚



  1. Amanda · · Reply

    Ohhh my goodness, I feel the same way. Housesitting for my parents while they’ve been gone always made me feel oh so very lonely. I never mowed the lawn for them, so more power to you! I love the “just go with the flow and mow.” That should be a sticker for everyone’s lawnmowers, haha.

    1. Yes! It is lonely in big houses! Don’t worry about not mowing.. you are not missing anything!

  2. I have never mowed a lawn in my life and at this point I just don’t feel like learning it. Hope I have an understanding husband or only live in condos for the rest of my life πŸ˜‰

    For dinner I’m planning on having a baked sweet potato, cottage cheese, and steamed broccoli πŸ˜€

    1. haha totally agree with the husband thing! It is totally in a man’s job description!
      yummy dinner!

  3. pickyrunner · · Reply

    I was JUST saying I needed a burger. Unfortunately tonight looks like chicken. We make my brother mow the lawn for us- he has to earn his keep somehow πŸ˜‰

    1. haha I love that– Boy’s gotta earn his keep! ha niceee πŸ™‚
      Well, I had the burger, but I wanted the chicken salad, but parents made me get the burger… and I ate it and it was pretty good! I just hate being “made” to eat certain things!!! Hope you get a burger soon!!!!

  4. I hate mowing lawns.. you are a stronger woman than I am!

    1. haha I was really regretting this “favor” for my dad! Next time I will think of something less strenuous and time consuming to show my love for him!

  5. I have never mowed a lawn before so first of all – way to go you! And secondly, I am laughing at your tips. Particularly the wearing chapstick/blowing bubbles! πŸ™‚

    1. Mowing lawns is over rated! I suggest even finding a husband/boyfriend/brother to do it ((it really is in the job description for a guy)) or buying a house/condo w/out a yard! And I had to find out the chapstick/gum thing the HARD way…

  6. For years I cut the lawn and grass with a grass cutter. I haven’t done it for about 2 years. I decided that I’m a lady and that the men can handle that..hehe But I would love to get my hands on a snow blower..

    Dinner: okra & rice. Yum!

    1. AMEN SISTER! haha I will most definitely be making my husband do the lawn… no questions there πŸ™‚
      And loveee your enthusiasm on the snow blower!! haha we still old school shovel ((which is a fantastic workout for the core)) but I am sure I will invest in a snow blower when i move out west in a couple years!!

      I love okra so much I have seriously considered naming a kid Okra (or at least as a middle name! ))

      1. Haha! Coolest child ever.

  7. Haha, that’s so funny and true! I used to have to cut the grass for my grandparents and I would always have green shoes and grass everywhere (in my mouth, my hair, etc.). It was super nice of you to do that for your dad though, I bet he’ll be so happy!

    1. Yes he was very appreciative! I was glad I could do it for him… but man next time I might think of something “else” to help with! That is awesome you could cut your grandparents grass! I love when I can help make my grandparents lives a little easier! πŸ™‚ Have a GREAT day!

  8. We don’t have much yard here in Arizona. It’s mostly rocks and shrubs, but I miss the smell of fresh cut grass and would do anything to mow a lawn even once! I used to have lots of fun with it back in Montana!

    1. haha aww that makes me kinda of sad when you put it like that!! I guess we should never take things for granted– even mowing the lawn! if it makes me feel better, it was super hot (ok not Arizona hot) and the grass was pretty dry and bristly so I didn’t really get that fresh-cut smell…
      Just curious, where in Montana did you live? I am job hunting and love when I can get people to recommend places out west!! πŸ™‚

  9. […] came home to mow the lawn (ahhh I hate it but it is a great way to help my dad out!) and move all the things off the deck […]

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