Half Recap & Flashing The Crowd

Lets begin with my thoughts going into the race.

After 64 hrs of work in 5 days averaging 4 hrs of sleep a night:

“Why the F am I running a Half?”

“Why is this race starting at 7am?”

“I am so jealous of my dad and sister running the Brooklyn Half this morning in New York…so much cooler than Fishers,IN”

“Really regretting the Mexican binge fest I had with my friend last night at Cancun…barf.”

“Where is this race anyways?”

“Oh crap… I never picked up my race packet”

“I am a complete shambly mess this morning and have no one to share it with”

Despite all these thoughts and my already very-low expectations that I set for myself, I surprised myself out there!

7am start time was actually great. So muggy/humid today, and I knew that it would only get worse as the morning went on.Β  The race was very organized and I had plenty of time to pick up my race packet, go to the bathroom, stretch, go to the bathroom, stand, go to the bathroom, get free chap-stick from some vendor, go to the bathroom…you know, normal pre-race stuff.

Well, despite the 100 bathroom breaks before the race, you better believe I was one of the first ones to use the port-a-potty at mile 1. — Safe to say Mexican is NOT a good pre-race meal. (Ya ok, DUH Andrea…)

I took it easy for the first 5 miles, just sighting through the beautiful neighborhoods and lake side. Miles 5-10 I picked it up after evaluating my body and how I felt.Β 

(((Port-a-potty visit again at mile 10. Ugh seriously?? Mexican I love/hate youuu)))

Last 3 miles I started finally “racing”. That was not at all in my plan for the day, but I figured picking it up for the last 3 miles would be fine.

I finished in OFFICIAL time of 1:34.0 and my watch time (I paused for bathroom stops. If you feel that is cheating, well then so be it. Whatev’s) was 1:31.0

Fun fact— mile 10 bathroom stop included me running into a port-a-potty that didn’t lock, and while do the awkward “squat-while-wiping”, another male runner opened the door on me and flashed me to the entire race field. Awesome. I really am not embarrassed by things like that… especially around other athletes, but I felt bad for the others who full-on saw me. They looked embarrassed. Poor guys…

Ended up being totally fun and I will definitely do it again! Now I am super SUPER tired ha and still alone as my family is living it up in NYC without me. Rude.

How did everyone elses race/runs/jogs/couch-sitting go today??


  1. Congratulations!! I had ever intention of doing speed work today but I never got around to it…so I did some errands/chores around the house. Hopefully tomorrow I can do some running/speed work.

    I am also a shambly mess in ALL areas of my life, so you are not alone πŸ˜€

    1. Haha house chores are important too! Hope you get a good workout in tomorrow! Speed workouts suck but it feels so so good when you are some!

  2. I’m with you on the 100 bathroom trips before a race. I just had an easy 5 miles this morning…nothing special.

    Good job! Even with the bathroom breaks.

    1. Thanks so much!! And glad you can relate on the bathroom thing… ha it is a problem!! I need to figure out better foods that agree with me! And never again Mexican!!

  3. Runner Girl Eats · · Reply

    Congrats! I am def a frequent bathroom breaker too. Our run was short and hot but fun πŸ™‚

    1. I really have to get used to Hot runs now.. body is shocked by “sweating” again outside!
      So glad I’ve got another port-a-potty-er out there!! πŸ™‚

  4. megbek · · Reply

    O. M. G. I would be mortified about that port a potty incident. GOOD for you for not, and hell ya to that time! That’s amazing for how you were feeling, ahah, especially with that Mexican.

    1. haha it is a cursing and a blessing that I seriously have no shame when it comes to nakedness haha…. i think it is from years of changing on soccer fields, cross country courses, camp….
      And if i ever mention that I might be feelin mexican before a race again– SLAP ME!!

  5. Andrea · · Reply

    This is a bit late but I just found your blog and wanted to let you know that this was my first half marathon! Luckily I managed without any port a potty breaks (miracle) and really enjoyed it!

    1. Great job!!! I hope you loved it and had fun! That is always the most important thing… gotta have fun or running becomes a “job”!
      yay for no potty breaks! I ALWAYS take at least 1 !! I gotta work on that!!! have a great weekend!!

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