Sleeping alone in someone else’s House

The best and easiest way to pack clothes is to leave them on the hangers and stuff them in a bag. Boom-done. Then when you go home to unpack you get to skip the dreaded hanging process. I hate hanging clothes. So this just makes me straight up thrilled!


I officially left school yesterday and headed home! What a great feeling to be leaving behind my school worries for a summer! Of course, I already miss my apartment and bed and fridge….but I did take the most IMPORTANT item with me-

The Vitamix (ridin’ in the safety of the backseat).


When I got home my dad did not want to cook (which I was very sad about actually) and wanted to go out for pizza. So we went to Puccini’s! I would love to say that dinner went great and my head/attitude did not at all get in the way of me enjoying the meal… but that would be a lie. For some reason yesterday, I was very uncomfortable with the pizza.Β  My dad was watching me like a hawk and I felt obligated to eat at least 5 or 6 pieces.Β  It was good… very good… but I still was just not happy about the way I was “behaving” toward it and the emotions I felt eating it. (sigh). I think it was because I was just coming off of a very “weird” week of bad meals, little exercise, poor sleep… I just wanted grilled chicken, broccoli, and a salad. Oh well, I did it though. I ate it.


Saw this driving today. I mean, really?


So I am Dog-sitting for the first time EVER. I have never had a dog, never grew up with people who had them… I love dog’s and plan on getting one as soon as I can afford it, but I was super nervous! And the owners want me to spend the night at their house for 2 nights!!

I was a lot more scared than I thought I would be! I am not used to the “noises” that their house makes… I slept on the couch on the first floor and feel like I went ‘in-and-out’ of sleep for only like 5 hours. I also had the most realistic dream that an intruder broke in and I was killed. No joke. I thought for sure I had been murdered. So ya, fun night….

Sleeping alone in someone else’s house is weird.

Then of course at a GREAT (sarcasm) night’s sleep, I awoke to run the Indianapolis Mini Marathon this morning!! Recap coming soon!!!

Have you ever dog-sat?

Ever slept alone at someone else’s house?

Running any races this weekend?


  1. I’ve never dog-sat before, but I do have a dachshund at my parents house! Love him, he’s too cute. I’ve never slept alone at anyone else’s house, but I did go to my ex’s parents a day before him one time, so I slept alone in the basement and that really freaked me out. Basements are creepy whether they’re furnished or unfurnished.

    1. haha yes my parents suggested I sleep in the basement and I was like, “Absolutely NOT!!”

  2. pickyrunner · · Reply

    I’ve stayed at people’s houses before and it’s definitely kind of strange at first. I know what you mean about your parents watching you- even 3 years later, I STILL feel like I’m being watched and it causes me to overcompensate to prove that I’m fine which isn’t exactly a good thing either. I’m very comfortable with the way I eat now and when people who know about my past watch me, I definitely have trouble pushing the negative thoughts out of my head. Enjoy being home, though, and try not to let it get to you too much!

    1. Exactly… i guess it will just be something that gets easier with time. So glad it is becoming easier for you!!

  3. I’ve never dog sitted, but that sounds like a horrifying night! I hope you do well on your race, can’t wait to read about it!

    1. The second night there went a little better than the first… but tonight I am finally at my house and could not be more thrilled!!

  4. Good for you for eating the pizza!! Keep at it and before you know it you won’t think twice πŸ™‚

    1. You are right! As “uncomfortable” as it was… even just a few months ago I wouldn’t have even touched it and would have come up with some excuse/reason not to eat it! So yes, progress all the time! Thanks so much for the enthusiasm and excitement! yay!

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