Out running Trains and Finals week Hiatus

Seriously guys…. pure recovery runs are THE BEST. Yesterday, after an early dinner at 4:30 (or is that a late lunch?) I was super full and tired of studying.  So thanks to wonderful old Spring time where it stays light until 9pm, at 7ish I was able to dash off on a run!

Oh it was so so wonderful… I did not bring my GPS watch, but just simply timed a new route.  It was easier this time to keep a slow, steady pace and not have to concentrate so much on maintaining that speed. It was a perfect warm evening, and I got to run about 5.5 miles in pure bliss!!

Why did no one tell me how great they are!? I would have started them long ago…

Well, this week is is full swing. FINALS ARE UPON ME. Surprisingly though, I am not at all in panic mode. I am very calm, very focused.  But I also have been sleeping, eating, and still fitting in workouts.  This is a great improvement from last semesters finals week. Seriously. At one point I truly didn’t think I would make it. Touch and go for a while there guys…

So, I have to cross a train track multiple times a day. Almost never do I actually have to stop for a train. But today, I heard the whistle, and I so badly wanted to cross the tracks in case it was a long one (I hate waiting… I mean who does, right?).

So naturally, I tried to out-run the train. I could hear it and I could feel it getting closer as I and my 50 lb backpack awkwardly fast-jogged to the stairs that cross the track.

I was super close….but I didn’t make it.

train stairs  I actually have never stood this close to a train as it comes flying by. Actually very scary. It felt like the earth was rumbling and ready to erupt.  I really was very close to leaping past it. But that would have been VERY. DUMB.

trainAnd so I worked on my patience, and waited.

**Can I really randomly bring up the fact that Fast and Furious 6 is coming out? I mean what?? At what point do you end a franchise? I remember being shocked when F&F 4 came out… and now we are at 6? It is like that movie Land Before Time… or the NOW! cd’s… I think they are on like NOW! 55 or something.

imagesProbably the most incredible thing is that for the most part they have been able to get the same actors to play in all 6. No one has bailed yet. Dedication.

Have you guys seen any of the F&F movies?

Ever had a close encounter with a train?



  1. Awesome job balancing everything!! I tend to put off studying by running for stress relief and it’s a horrible habit.. I need to try to fix that this year 🙂

    1. hahah there are MUCH worse things that you can do to “de-stress” than run….And we will see how well I keep up this “balance” and if I make it to the end of the week!! Thanks though and good luck with anything/everything you have going on this week 🙂

  2. Yay! I just finished my final project today and I have to present tomorrow and then I am dunzo! Disney World on Wednesday to celebrate 😀 I have seen maybe ONE F&F movie… but there’s so many now it’s hard to keep up. Kind of like Now! That’s What I Call Music CDs…

    1. Yep its ridiculous isn’t it!!! Those NOW! cds have been around since forever. I still have NOW! 1 i think.
      Yayyyy for being done!! Jealous!! I just have a few more days though… just a few more…:)

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