My new Running Goal (and I am nervous for it)

I have a new Running goal.

And I am nervous for it.Being so competitive, I admit I have a huge fear of not reaching my goals…

But I cannot let that stop me from making them.

So here is the lofty–yet I think reachable– goal I have set for myself (no deadline).

I want a 1:20:00 Half-Marathon. And I want it BAD.

Currently, I have a 1:30:10 half time. And that was with no training, not looking at my watch, not really preparing or having any expectations. But I think if I can train….If I really chase after itI just might get there.

Saying this out-loud makes me scared.

I will have to hit some mini-goals first– like a 1:25:00– but I can’t help but smile and get hyper and excited when I picture a 1:20:00 Half!!

So now you all know my ‘secret’.

You all know the little desire that has been brewing in the back of my mind for some time…

And for the first time, I am starting to believe that I can do this.

Scary yet Exciting, just like Life.

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