Things to Remember and Multiple Workouts

Runners come in all shapes and sizes.

There is no, “One size fits all”… and I am reminded of this every time I am at the start line of a race, or getting passed by a 75 year old, heavy-ish man…. no two are alike. Sure, we see the elites on the news who are ripped with 3% body fat and legs for days.Β  We may even see this at the collegiate level. But that doesn’t mean, that is what a runner looks like.

This is something I need to remind myself more often.Β  I am eating more (tonight I had a burger, with the bun (gasp!) and while eating this, I can’t say I am happy about it. What I want is just a big salad. I am feeling heavier (I am heavier, which is the point) but I look in the mirror and see my body changing and adding some cushion here and there. This is the point when I want NOTHING more than to weigh myself and let that number dictate my next move.

But I will not give in.

No scale. It shouldn’t matter what it says! I am running well, feeling strong, having good workouts…. Why can’t I let that be my determining factor?

It is at this point, when I need to remember that “Runners come in all shapes and sizes.” FACT. End of story. Sure, I am putting on weight. I will “look” slightly different. Maybe have a heavier tummy, and (fingers crossed) a BUTT for once in my life… but I need to be ok with this and know that Running will still be Running. I won’t be judged for being heavier. People wont look at me differently. I will let my race times speak for me.

Today I did some body weight stuff in the morning, did a crossfit WOD of 5 X (500m row, 15 floor chest press) and then drove home to run with my dad a verrrry slow 8min/mile pace 5 miles. It was good of me to go that slow, because when I am by myself all I do is push myself. I need to learn how to do a recovery run. So that 8 min pace was good for me!

Unfortunately, since I am trying to eat more, I have neglected real meals. Now I just seem to eat only snack food, all the time. I knew today that I needed a real meal, hence going home and being forced to eat a burger!!

And even with all this working-out today, I still have a hard time eating that burger and bun!! Bahhhhh Andrea!!

Its going to be ok- I Can Do This! ((Motivational pep talk as I look in the mirror!))

How is everyone’s running/workouts/rest days coming?

Do you eat burgers with or w/o the bun?


  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    When I make them for myself, I will admit that I often scrimp on the bread part of the burger because I’m already having carbs with it. But this is huge and I hope you can see that! The number does not define you. I haven’t weighed myself in 8 months and I do that on purpose. I know how detrimental it can be for me mentally and you’ll be so much happier that you’re freed. I’ve been there (and still struggle with a lot of it) but the fact that you’re willing to do this is progress!

    1. ahh thanks so much Sarah!! I know you can relate and that is a very comforting thing for me actually!! I DO want to be freed from this… and while “overall” I am doing some much better, I obviously still have hard days (like yesterday) that just make me so frustrated and confused!! I am very happy not weighing myself bc I know the # will be HUGE (for me) right now and I just can’t handle seeing it on the scale— but I also hope that eventually I WILL be able to see a big # on the scale and be ok with it and not care! ahhh I get tired of always fighting this!
      Thank you so much for your encouragement though… literally means the WORLD to me and helps more than you could imagine!!

  2. That’s definitely something I can relate to. It’s never hit harder than when I ran my first marathon that runners come in ALL shapes and sizes. I really have learned this over and over again with every race I run and every time I see a runner out there. Your battle with the scale is one I’m sure most can relate to in one way or another (I weigh myself every morning to stay on track, which may or may not be deemed ‘healthy’) so it’s refreshing to see things like this. You sounds like you’re making a real effort, which is the hardest thing to do, so good job and good luck! You’re an excellent runner!!
    Lucky for me, I don’t eat meat (but I do eat seafood) so no burgers for me! And if I have a veggie burger, I go all out – fries, bun, everything!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! And that is great that you have found a way to stay “on track” and healthy by weighing your self in the mornings! That is awesome that it works well for you!! I hope to one day be able to do it and not be affected by the number as much as I am now!
      Yummm I love veggie burgers!! And that is awesome– going for the whole Sha-bang! Fries/buns….. some days I have that mindset and some days it is so so hard for me to!!
      thanks for the encouragement though! I have been checking out your blog and absolutely love it! So funny and real!! thanks for sharing with all of us! πŸ™‚

  3. Keep giving yourself that pep talk!
    I am trying to be freed from the scale myself.
    It is a little easier except on the days where “I feel heavy” and then I want to check
    but I did good. I didn’t weight myself for 5 weeks and it felt good.
    I went from daily weigh ins to weekly and now I’m moving to monthly
    and hopefully one day it’ll be once a year at the doctor’s office for my annual lol.
    You can eat more and still be healthy.
    Don’t be afraid of food.
    Food is fuel.
    I am learning that now and enjoying eating more.

    1. I keep having to remind myself that “food is fuel” and my “Body is a Machine that NEEDS fuel”.
      So much easier said than done, but working on it every day…
      Great job on being comfortable with the scale!! I really hope to one day be at that point!!

  4. Oh and I eat burgers with the bun usually if I’m out and getting a burger which isn’t often.
    If I’m home I usually use Boston lettuce to wrap my burgers in. I love burgers. Turkey, Veggie, etc lol

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