For the life of me, I do not know why I am sharing this truly heinous picture of me. But Hey, whatever, I am proud of what this picture represents.


Downpour outside as i make it back in the car after my Proud Run!!

This is after a run yesterday. But not just any run. A run that I was scared of. A run that I did not feel up to. A run that I felt had defeated me even before I started.
I had mentioned a few post’s ago that my runs (along with school and it seemed, life in general) was getting me down. After a stressful day of studying followed by a hit-or-miss exam, I was emotionally and mentally burnt out. I called my dad and set out on a path of complaining.  He finally just said, “You need some Activity”. I fought him and told him how my run’s have sucked and blah blah blah… he just said, “Honey, you don’t need to run far. You don’t need to run fast. You don’t need to make it a race. Just enjoy the day and the freedom and Run.”

He was absolutely right. (My dad is so wise) Just Run, Andrea.

I left my GPS watch in the car and set out, with a short goal in mind. I will just go do a few stride outs. I will just go to that one street then turn around…I will head out for that neighborhood then come back…I will go do that one loop then call it a day…” my goals got longer as my feet hit the pavement and found their stride. Every minute my legs were loosening up and responding to what I was asking them to do. I ended up on a beautiful 40 min run, which by the end my legs felt strong and powerful just like always.  The last 800meters the rain finally caught me and I finished the homestretch smiling and laughing as I was soaked in a matter of seconds.

It was truly enjoyable and the exact reason I love to run.

I will never know my distance, never know my pace… and I don’t need to know. (Ok I am super curious I guess…) But the run reminded me that I Am A Runner.

From now on I will be calling these “Proud Runs“.

Getting out there when I had every mental and physical barrier put up was what made this a run that I am more Proud of than when I do a strong speed-workout, hill intervals, tempo run, long run, etc. These mental runs are what sets us apart from the “non-running” population.  It was a Victory yesterday, to say the least. A run that I am PROUD to have done.

Have you guys had any Proud Run’s lately?



  1. YAY!! I love this proud run idea!! You rock girl!

    1. ha thanks girl!! I was a great “reminder” run!! And Hey I have been checking out that Halloween Marathon that you were talking about!! I am trying to find someone here to drive up and run it with me!! looks fun!!

  2. That is so awesome!
    My race yesterday turned out being a proud run
    because it sucked for me but in the end I finished
    only to find out I came in first in my division 🙂
    I want to do more runs without a gps!
    Just run.
    Sometimes I feel we runners get so tied up
    with how many miles we are going and our pace
    that we forget to just enjoy the “ride”

    1. exactly!! enjoy the ride!! Way to go on your race!! Love when you end up doing better than you thought!!

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