Dealing With Inadequacy


Let me in!!! it is 6:02am…… I guess I need to work on my patience…

Failed 15 min workout’s. ((Like this morning.)) I was their bright and early begging to be let in, and the workout was a suck-y 15 mins. Hate that.

Constant full-ness from so much granola/cereal/food-in-general as I try to eat more and mentally not freak out.

Exams, presentations, projects, finals, all piling up and the voice in my head trying to remind me that school is much more important than worrying about workouts.

Run’s that last 1 min ((Yes, really. My GPS watch is very confused)).

**Nothing has seemed to be going my way for the last week. I had a great Half Marathon two weekends ago… I had a great long run this past Saturday and felt untouchable… but since then all I have done is Slept and Ate. I have attempted runs, and turned around after feeling like my breathing was out of control and legs were bricks.Β  Even on the Bike and Elliptical I have only managed 15 mins at a time.**

**I have an exam today, and presentation tomorrow, a final Statistics project due Monday, and finals. I know I have not spent enough time preparing/studying. And I hate myself for it.**

Basically this whole week has created this awful feeling of inadequacy and failure. I know, I am not a failure. Everyone has good/bad days of exercising. I just can usually push through it. But at the same time, if I am trying to put on weight and get my hormones back in balance, it is probably a good thing to take days off. But it is just so hard for me to be eating as much as I am now and not be working out.

This is something I need to mentally figure out! I gotta be ok with this! More to life than workouts and runs! I have to keep focusing on the Big Picture and the Long Run.

Sorry for the downer post! More positivity next time : )

What are your favorite snack foods?

–Chips chips and CHIPS.


  1. Remembering to focus on the big picture is huge!! I am so glad you realize this πŸ™‚

    1. thank you!! Yes I am really workin’ on balance!! Your workouts are helping tons! Varying cardio/strength is key!! : ) thanks!

  2. Just ask God to help you get through this time.
    It will be hard but resting is important.
    I always just have to remind myself that
    my health is more important
    and like you said focus on the bigger picture!
    Good luck on those projects/finals/exams etc.
    Grad school is the best *insert sarcasm*

    1. Thank you so much for the advice! Yes you are right… I need to be better at making God the one I turn to first thing! Prayer is powerful.
      And good luck to YOU with your school work!! ugh I feel ya girl!! : ) we can do this!!

  3. I feel like i just wrote that. It’s actually scary how similar my situation is to yours. I’m drowning in final papers and exams, while worrying about workouts/runs and trying so hard to eat more but mentally it’s just such a struggle, and I feel drained all the time. Some days are better than others, and I’m learning to cut myself some slack. I can relate to the failed workouts/runs, feeling like you need to workout when you’re eating so much, and feeling like all you do is eat and sleep. What’s comforting in finding your blog is knowing I’m not alone, and please know that YOU aren’t alone. We’ll get through this one way or another, just take it a day at a time. πŸ™‚

    1. Wow thank you so much for your comment! As sad as I feel for anyone who struggles with weight/workout issues, I am so grateful to have the support system that these blogs have provided! My feelings and attitudes change day by day, and some days are better than others, but I know with Faith, time, patience and a strong support system this will one day be a “struggle” of the past! In the meantime, I have so enjoyed relating to others and helping one another!

      You make a great point on “cutting yourself some slack”. Something I definitely need to work on! I hope you have a good end of the semester and find some relaxing time in some way/shape/form!

  4. Stay positive!! Everything is going to work out! I felt like this a little bit last week as well! You are awesome!!!!!! My favorite snack food is either yogurt or cereal… I try to stay away from them and go for the fruit but it rarely works out like that!

    1. Thank you!!! It is a great time to learn to trust God, have patience, and re-evaluate the truly important things in life! I love reading your posts and your faith and trust in God reminds me to keep turning to Him! Thank you!

      Oh my gosh granola cereal is my other downfall… with cinnamon on it of course… YUMM!

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