All or Nothin’

When I commit, I commit hard.

When I say I will do something, I throw my whole self into it.

When I set a goal, I will reach it or die trying.

When someone tells me “You can’t“, I will prove them wrong with every ounce of my being.

When I find a new love obsession in life, it consumes me… and I let it.

The word “balance” has never had a very strong presence in my vocabulary, and this needs to change….

I tend to throw myself “all or nothing” into things– Crossfit, Running, Paleo Diet, School, etc– and I have to remember that none of these things individually should dictate my mood/happiness in life!  Even this Blog. I am less than 3 week in, and I find myself diverted from all school work and instead checking/reading/editing Morning Runner Girl and others.

For athletics, this mindset has made me a powerful runner and competitor. In school it has gotten me good grades, merit aid, and recognition. But when it comes down to it, this mindset can be overall unhealthy. I realize this and am actively working to change. And I can say that I have found improvement over the last few weeks!

I just have to Keep the Faith…

All of your comments on my last post of Dealing With Inadequacy has left me feeling so blessed and hopeful! From time to time I write on my hand this little reminder that keeps me positive and looking forward!



  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    Weird… I’m following you on here and it still didn’t pop up for me on my reader! What the heck! But you know I’m the same way. All or nothing. It’s definitely something to work on 🙂

    1. ha that is weird! Ya your picture doesn’t come up! just a wierd pink icon thing!! haha oh well! technology….

      Good idea on the bagel thing– I have a whole grain one in mind that I am gonna either butter or peanut-butter up after my next run. ((either today or long run saturday yayyy))

  2. Balance is key… but it can definitely be difficult!

    1. Yes! it seems like it would be so easy, yet we (runners especially) can get so sucked into things that we make us feel so “alive” that we let it consume us!! Or at least me!! gotta keep thinking long term! Thanks for the comment!

  3. I, too, have problems with balance! I am always an all or nothing kinda girl. It leads to success but it also leads to burnout so we both need to be careful which is so much easier said than done! Can’t wait to watch your blog grow 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! I love reading your posts everyday and you are so inspiring on your outlook on life! So fun! : ) Thanks for your motivation! I work on balance every day… and progress is being made, slowly but surely!

  4. Balance is truly needed.
    I know for me I can get so wrapped up in things I LOVE (running, blogging)
    and then procrastinate so much on things I don’t (like work lol homework)
    I am working on my organization as a whole myself
    I need to schedule times for everything
    Keep the faith!

    1. Yes organizing your whole being (rather than just certain aspects of your life) are key!! Good luck to both of us!!

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  6. […] me that everything I do in life, I always do to 110%. That is just me. If I commit to something, I throw my whole self into and don’t stop until I reach my goal. It has served me well in many areas, become a […]

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