Why is my Body so Tired?

For the last few days, my body has felt like it’s on Shut Down mode. I took TWO naps yesterday, each over 1.5 hrs and I was completely OUT. I tried running yesterday because it was 75 degrees and bright sun shine, and my relatively easy 5.7 mile run ended up feeling like I was giving a marathon effort.  This morning I tried a simple bike workout and could not get through fifteen minutes. I was in bed asleep at 9:45 last night (after a day of napping). I could barely study for my exam tomorrow because I kept dozing off.  Just walking up the stairs my legs burn.

**To say I am frustrated and confused in an understatement.

My dad thinks it has to do with eating more. My parents and I for the first time really discussed my eating/working-out patterns and what I need to do to get healthier– i.e. gain weight.  I now eat about every 2 hours. I am full all the time! I feel like I am constantly in a food-coma!!

If this is the reason, I hope my body gets used to this quickly because I am so sick of feeling exhausted!! And my run’s are suffering! ((probably a sign from God that I need to workout less until I get my period back))

I hope every one is having a great day so far! Keep prayers going up for Boston!

Have you guys ever been in a food-coma from over eating??

How do you guys deal with “tired bodies”?


  1. Hey hun!
    Here’s a post I read on another blog not too long ago.
    It’s about girly stuff.
    You know periods and running.
    I thought it could be helpful sense you said you didn’t have yours
    and that could possible be the problem
    Hopefully you get your energy back soon!!
    Food coma…. oh yes.
    Sometimes it’s not just from overeating
    but from “heavy” foods.
    And sometimes it’s from overeating lol
    When I’m tired. I rest.
    I drink some tea, take my vitamins, and rest.
    Especially if I know it’s working out related.
    Sometimes though It could be from the foods we’re eating so then I eat healthier
    and foods that I know will energize!

    1. Oh my gosh The Hungry Runner is the reason I started blogging and the reason I am seeking Help for my food/workout/period problems!! I am obsessed with her blog and have actually been in contact with her to help figure out how to MENTALLY be ok with eating more and seeing my body change ((put on weight)).

      Yes, I think my tiredness has to do with the grains I have been introducing back into my diet. I am just SO TIRED all the time. And my workouts have been 10-20 mins long, and even that kills me!! I am so frustrated! I take 2 naps a day now!! You are right though… It is probably my body telling me I need to rest. So i might as well do it. Especially since I need to study for finals coming up! Ahh life of a grad student!!

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