Secret Life as a Dental Assistant


My dad is a dentist and I am a great daughter. I often help him out with patients on the weekends. Is it wierd that I really enjoy wearing the masks and gloves and feeling all important??


I also get to sit behind the counter and act like I know exactly what I am doing. Especially when patients come in with Insurance questions/changes and I just nod “uh huh, uh huh, Yep!” No harm done yet…

This is my dad being all important!

My favorite is when patients ask if I want to be a dentist like my dad. Not At All.

While I was not needed the whole time this morning, I studied, which is always depressing and annoying, but even more so when all I want to do is RUNNN!!! 1 more hour till I am “free” and can go!
I can already tell you that today I am feeling like a wimp. It is cold again. We had two 75 degree days this week, and now it is 40 with 25 mph winds. Uhh. So I am going to run inside at my old High School. The second floor has a 800meter loop, so it actually is not bad at all running 2 laps for a mile… much better than the 200meter track at school…

Hope everyone’s weekend is starting off swell!!


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