No Morning Workout??

My mom, dad, and I went to Rock Bottom Brewery last night for dinner. I know, I said I was going out for pizza with the fam, but we had gift certificates to Rock Bottom and I suddenly wasn’t craving pizza like I was earlier in the week. So I got a great Burger instead. Wasn’t the best I have ever had– I am a bison meat lover– but it was still very good and very filling!!

Then we went to Costco- the REAL reason I was excited to come home for a weekend. That place never fails in living up to my high expectations… we easily drop BIG bucks when we are there. Even if we just go for 1 thing. I mean… its Costco? How can you not?

I had a HUGE breakfast this morning.  I don’t know what my deal was. I am full from last night, but I had like 3 apples, a bag of Pretzels dipped in Almond butter, and then about half a bag of Kashi Cereal. UHHH. Being home I do not have my gym to go workout in. So no morning gym time for me. Am I antsy? Yes. Am I trying but failing at thinking about all the food I ate last night and now this morning and not immediately going to the gym to work it off? Yes. Do I wish I didn’t think like that and just enjoy being home? MORE THAN ANYTHING. I hate that I let my obsession with food/working-out get in the way of me just relaxing and enjoying my family. I am really working on that.

I do plan on going on a long run today. Ideally do 10-13miles. Realistically? If I am having an “off” running day I can still do 8. I am home for one more night since I am staying in town for Sunday to get re-certified in lifeguard training. Which means another night of dinner out. Its a Love-Hate. It should just be a Love, right? I wish/hope I can see it like that! Family time and Good Food. And the break from weightlifting should only do me good.

-Do you guys shop at Costco and what is the number one thing you always get from there?

-How do you guys deal with ‘overeating’ and not working-out?


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