Long Run PERFECTION, Pizza, and a Half

My run today rocked. It was the kind when from the very first stride you know that its going to be awesome. Your legs are responding, your breathing immediately finds the rhythm. You are focused. Relaxed. Your gaze is straight ahead. Arms are comfortable at your side. Everything is working just as it should. Your body is one fluid machine.

This is not a daily running feeling. I get close most days, but usually I find something that is out of sync. One aspect that is a slight disruption in the process. But today…. everything was right!

I did 11 miles and felt so extremely comfortable…. effortless almost… I averaged 7 min/mile exactly and I felt I could have held it forever. I had to make myself stop at 11 miles.

These are day’s runners LIVE FOR!!!! This is why we run! Runner’s High at its finest!

I celebrated by eating as all the calories I burned and then some at McKenzie River Pizza Co. Brilliant Idea!! Split a Pizza and a Grilled Chicken&Steamed Veggie dish. I am 100% stuffed. Like I said, working hard on getting more calories! I think meals like this will do it!

Also, officially signed up for another Half for May 18th! I am all by myself on it though! My mom, dad, and sister will be running the Brooklyn Half but I couldn’t make it because of work : (  Have to stay “in town” and run the Geist Half-marathon!

Full and Sleepy! Good night all!

Tell me about your “runner highs”!!


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