REAL women and Needed Marathon Advice

Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan. Getting ready to rock it at Boston on April 15.

I just Love these two women.They are inspirational, motivational, real, hardworking, and they are physically strong and healthy. I Love that they are not paper thin wisp’s out there. Not even close. They are muscles!! They remind me that to be a runner…. to be a GOOD runner, you do not have to be what I, and so many women, have put in my mind– which is Lighter/Thinner is Better. FALSE!! And these women are proof! Good role models if you ask me!

I am ready for another Marathon guys! Roarin’ and Ready to go!! I just need to find one! I live in Indiana, and I want it in the fall, and I want it driving distance. Driving distance can still be East Coast and South…. just not California and Washington.

What are your favorite/most fun races!! Which Marathon should I run??

Who/What inspires you in life?



  1. If you want to drive to Wisconsin, I might do the Haunted Hustle Marathon in October again! Haha!

    1. haha that sounds funnn! I will look into that one! Seriously I am game for anything and LOVE doing runs that other people recommend! I like having that “first-hand-account!”

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