Exciting Weekend Plans (kinda)!

Wait, doesn’t everyone bring 3 different pairs of shoes to the gym with them? Lets see, I got my sacred New Balance running shoes, my “its raining and I don’t want to get my running shoes wet” Salmon trail runners/hikers, and my Inov195 Crossfit shoes. All very necessary in my life!


I am going Home today! Yes, home is only an hour twenty minute drive to Indy, but still. Home is Home! My dad is a dentist and I help him see patients on Saturday morning sometimes. I am a great dental assistant… I will suction that spit right outta ya mouth!!
Going home means 2 VERY IMPORTANT THINGS
Numero 1 : COSTCO. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to go to Costco. I love it there. I could easily spend hours, everyday, walking around/shopping/”grazing” on food samples. Seriously, if I am having a bad day, a trip to Costco picks me up! Just this past March we almost missed our flight home from Denver because we just had to stop at the Denver Costco and “see if it was any different than at home” (it wasn’t!). I do have a list of things I need (ok want) from there. BUT I AM PUMPED!!!
Numero 2 : WHOLE FOODS. There is no Whole Foods or Trader Joes or anything like that in Bloomington, IN. I know, I know, you are wondering how I remain sane everyday. Its rough. I am just craving a walk down the bulk food section… YUM.

I think tonight my mom, dad, and I are getting Pizza. To remain true to my post about eating more and getting my period/body back on track, I knew I needed to be vocal to remain accountable. So I called my parents and suggested Friday night when I am home that we go for pizza! —> I think I heard their jaws hit the ground. They were stunned. I NEVER suggest things like Pizza (gasp!). Then they both started with the, “Ya, Ya ohmygosh OF COURSE!! Ya ya lets do it ohmygoshohmygosh ya ya We will find a GREAT pizza place to go to!” haha it was great

I am proud of my accomplishment thus far in the food department! And on being strong and NOT weighing myself!!

What are your weekend plans? Tell me something WEIRD/BORING/FUN you are doing!

-I am getting RE-certified in LIfeguarding on Sunday so I can work at a Young Life Christian Camp for a bit this summer in Michigan!! I am scared I won’t pass (its been 4 years) but that is another post for another day…


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