My First (minor) Car “Accident”!

Ahh! For the first time EVER, I got in a little car-tangle-up.  I refuse to call it an out-right accident… that sounds way to serious. But, my car did hit another car. So… call it what you will.

I was pulling out my parking spot, nice and slow, and out of no where a black Eclipse whips around behind me…and I backed into the side of their car. Uhh. I was so frustrated/annoyed/scared. I had NEVER hit anything before!! I didn’t even know what to do!

Well, obviously, I did what every grown girl would do in this situation. I called my Dad. He talked me through everything and kept me calm as this guy and I exchanged insurance info. I was so flustered I gave him my Health Insurance Card at first. He looked at me like I was an idiot…I don’t blame him. 

Anyways, it starts raining, I am upset, and then I was late for Crossfit. If anyone does/knows about Crossfit, there are strict rules and penalties for not obeying. Well, at Hoosier Crossfit, you owe 10 Burpees for every minute you are late. I rolled in 8 minutes late, looking like a complete wet/frizzy/flustered/crying mess. Jenna, the cute-as-a-button owner, immediately gave me a hug, told me not to worry about the WOD and to do a 2000meter row instead and call it a day.

Well, this was a blessing in disguise.  You all know I did a HARD speed workout this morning, and I am trying to cut back on exercise, but this WOD was a super tough one, which makes it all the more appealing to me! But, I know this was God’s way of telling me that if I wasn’t going to make the decision to not-crossfit today, He was going to make it happen his way– with a minor little car “bump”. (tha’ts what we will call it).

So What I have Learned from this:::

-Know where your car insurance is

-Check, Double Check, Triple Check, then Check again before backing out, because students drive SO FAST they come out of no where.

-God is in charge and kept me/the other drive safe (always could be worse!)

-If you have already worked out today, and are trying to get your hormones back to to normal and need to workout less, just be strong and don’t workout! Don’t go to Crossfit! Listen to what you know you should do and you WONT GET IN A CAR “BUMP”!!



  1. applesandglue · · Reply

    So glad you’re okay and that it was just a minor incident! And that you didn’t get in trouble for late… phew!

    1. haha ya the crossfit coaches were great and were like, “Um Andrea DON’T WORRY about class….more important things in life!” obviously they are right! Thanks for the concern : )

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