Morning Speed Work!

There are some words that I can just NEVER seem to spell correctly. No matter how many times I study them, repeat them to myself, write them down… they just never stick. Here are a few of them::

-Definitely -Supposed -Bureau -Barely -accessibility

-anything that requires a “double letter”– stopped, prepped, hopped,

-and anything that ends with “-el” or “-le” (I seriously never know which one it is. pathetic).

They say that for speed work, your legs are best prepped (did I spell it correctly??) later in the day. WOW they were right. 6am speed workout was just about as awful as you can imagine it to be.

-1 mile warmup, 4 x 800meters, 1 x 600meters, 1 x 400meters, 1 x 200meters, 1 mile cooldown.

-I also did my Beach Body Challenge Ab Circuit which was great! Will probably do it again later…

So why do speed workouts suck so much? They literally terrify me. I hate doing them, hence I never do them. I will do tempo runs, or cut-downs, but actual speed workouts with a designated distance and rest time in between…And what is so funny is that we KNOW how good they are for us!! Every running book/workout magazine tells us about all the benefits of incorporating intervals/speed into our runs. So why don’t I do it?!?! Because I am a scared wimp. That’s why. I am really working on changing that…. more speed in my life! Just maybe not at 6am. I think my legs need more movement throughout the day.

I am eating 2 pieces of peanut-butter toast with a banana on top and it is delicious! Yay for Andrea eating bigger Meals!!

In about 8 mins I have a Skype Group Meeting for my final Statistic’s project with my group. I look like death. I am still sweating sitting at my kitchen table. Oh well! At least you can’t smell via Skype… right? I will post a picture just to show you how disgusting I am.ย  I know you are curious.



-Get ready for some weekend plans in a little bit!! I am overly excited for the weekend and already making plans : )

Do you guys like speed work? How often do you do it? What is your favorite speed work?



  1. Don’t worry, I haaaaate speed workouts too! But way to get through it anyways! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks!! I get so excited when I wake up in the morning and am like “OOOHH I wonder what the workout is!!!!” ha keep posting them! love it!!

  2. Speed work scares me to no end. In college I hated Tuesdays because it was always speedwork. Now I run on my own, but I still get the same pit in my stomach when I’m heading to the track (and it’s self induced!). I prefer fartlek type workouts any day.

    1. Completely agree! Fartlek’s I can handle… but track distance repeats?? it is a miracle if I can just do a few! Definitely trying to make it a goal to incorporate them into my workouts more!

  3. applesandglue · · Reply

    Hey, found you from olivetorun’s blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ I totally have issue spelling words that have double letters. I always put the double letters in the wrong spot!

    Ew, speed workouts don’t sound like fun! But I’m still new to running so when I run I’m just trying to not die…

    1. Hi! Spelling has never been my strong suit! Thank goodness for spell check!
      And running not to die is a great way to run : ) I know what you mean… Many days it is just an accomplishment and a High Five that I got out there and did it!!
      Thanks for checking out my page! Have a great day!

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