Gettin’ Real with my “period”

I apologize for this post! I know this is a no-fun, annoying-to-read-about topic, but I just have to say it so that for ME it is real and I am held accountable by the Blogging Community!! Don’t worry– I will make this short, sweet, and too the point!

I have not had my period in 1 year. I have had/have eating issues with eating enough and/or eating the right things. And do to my love of working-out… It has all combined into a bit of an obsessive problem. After reading a MILLION other blogs by women who (unfortunately) gone through the same thing, I realize this is serious and I need to do what I can to get my period back.

So I am eating MORE…. I mean a LOT MORE. Also, I will try and cut back on my obsessive working-out complex.


I am very proud of myself for NOT working-out today! I had all my gym stuff with me ready to go… and I put my foot down and said NO! I want to run tomorrow morning and I decided to give my legs a rest! And that is VERY BIG PROGRESS FOR ME!!

And now here I am, STUFFED from a huge meal!

Hopefully I can mentally stick to this…. and hopefully within a couple months my period will come back and I will be deemed “healthy” again!

I also might get in touch with a dietician I was seeing a few years ago.

Thanks for listening! Promise this is my final post about this for while!!! I know these are NO FUN to read!! So I will try and think of something better for the next post….. just you wait and see!!

Thanks for your support everyone : )


  1. You can do this..Matthew 19:26 🙂

    1. Wow thank you so much for the encouragement and bible verse for strength! One thing I KNOW is that I can only be successful in this with God next to me the entire way. As in everything in life, I have to remind myself to cast my worry/doubt/fears/everything on Him!!!

      1. You’re welcome!
        Ah yes, God is always reminding me that He is greater than my problems. He reminds me to trust and not doubt Him. Amen!

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