7hrs, Lunch, and Rest Day?

I got (roughly) 7 hrs of sleep last night!!!
Ok, so I rounded up… and I was wide awake at 4am and made myself lay there and went in-and-out of a sort of meditative state until 5:30am when I got up…. but STILL! I was in bed for about 7 hrs. That is progress people!!

I went to do a verrrrry light workout at 6am– I am so tired from my 3 workouts yesterday!! Silly of me!
a 6am,3pm,and 6pm make for VERY tired legs today. So gym this morning was stretching and just a little bit of light “arm” work.

Had a fantastic breakfast (I am getting better about bigger breakfasts! yay) of Peanut-butter toast AND Kashi/granola cereal!

…. and I made my lunch and was so excited I almost ate it at 7am when I was preparing it…..


I promise It tasted AMAZING even though it looks absolutely un-exciting. It was Wild Atlantic Salmon and Broccoli, Cauliflower, Tomatoes, and Chili Peppers!!!!! AHHH IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! I finished it up with an orange and a Special K bar for dessert!

So the ultimate question for me right now…is do I make today a rest day? I hate rest days. No seriously… I look forward to workouts so much and love how much of my day they take up that I am BORED thinking about my day without an exercise planned.
I want to running tomorrow morning and deep down I know I will have a better run if I just take the day off. But…. I am not always so smart. Many, many times I am dumb. Very dumb. And I am not sure if today will be a “smart” day or a “dumb” day.

Hope everyone’s day is going well so far!! Keep on Keepin’ on!

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