Yummy Package, Sweaty Run, and SLEEP!

FINALLY!!! My NuGo bars came in the mail today and I was so pumped! It was the perfect snack as I came back from my run today!


I had all morning/afternoon to go for a run….and what did I do? I waited until 3pm. I have class at 4pm. Which means I apologized to my seat neighbors for literally fanning my sweaty self in class for an hour and a half.

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day!! ((minus the 33mph head winds)) It was 79 degrees out!!!!!!! It was the first time I had sweat on a run since like September. Well I guess I got nice and nasty in Mexico in January on vacation, but that doesn’t count. It felt great to feel disgusting again. You know what I mean?!? It’s like your body saying, “Ya Girl…. You just killed it out there. High five!” …. at least that is what my sweat says to me…

I was home this afternoon for lunch for the first time in weeks. After finally getting my paper turned in I rewarded myself with going home for the afternoon and playing around on the internet, reading Runners World  amazon.com shopping for new running books, and Half-Marathon race browsing. All in all a great morning/afternoon. Downfall? I ate everything in m pantry. Seriously. And I think I know why—>

I am extremely sleep deprived from the last 2 weeks of school. I get on average 4.5-5.5 hrs of sleep each night. And I workout multiple times a day. And I am stressed during most all of the hours I am awake. Every running book/health magazine I have read in the past few days all agree on one thing: When you are not getting enough sleep, you crave starchy/salty/sweet/processed food, and you crave it in LARGE amounts as your body tries and keeps functioning at the level you demand of it.

Whelp, that just about explains it. It also explains that after I ate my pantry at 11am this afternoon, I tried to run at 1:30, but instead took an hour and a half nap (hence the 3pm run). That is a long nap! My body is telling me to get more sleep!!!!

So goal tonight and for the next couple days? Do not set an alarm, and let my body wake up naturally. (And I will take a Melatonin before bed to “help”). I will have my Dad text me 15 mins before class in the morning to make sure I am awake for it. He will be my alarm clock.

Lastly for the evening, I am Crossfitting at 5:45, which will indeed be my 3rd workout of the day. I don’t do that too often, but the consequence of canceling a Crossfit class within a 2 hour window is a 2000 meter row.  I already owe them one from last week…. not in the mood to make it a 4000m row.

Have a great evening everyone!!!




  1. Sleep is definitely something I struggle with as the end of the semester approaches. Pretty bad when 7 hours of sleep is a “good” night and your friends are jealous of you for it.

    1. I completely agree! I have come to the conclusion that college life is just NOT healthy haha… Ya i would LOVE 7 hours of sleep! Hopefully we can both work at this!! It is so important!!

  2. I hope you love the NuGo Bars.. soooo good!! 🙂

    1. They are FABULOUS!!! I like my cold so I keep them in the fridge and they are like DESSERT to me haha! I had never heard of them until you did a review for them a few days ago! So glad you did! and they shipped to me within just a few days!! Thanks for introducing them to us! I am also going to go to my local GNC and see about those Quest bars you mentioned…. I have never heard of them.
      I have been a Cliff Bar girl my entire life and don’t stray too often! –> especially since I get the box of 50 from Costco haha

  3. […] Sleep is extremely important (especially for athletes) and when we don’t get enough, runs and workouts can actually prove to be detrimental to our health. So if your body is screaming for some shut-eye… listen to it! […]

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