Dead Arms and Excited Legs

Wow. I did the “arm circuit” workout posted by RunningInHeels for Day 2 of the Beach Body Challenge:::


I was shaking on the floor by the end. I did the planks for 1min rather than 30, and overall it took me about 25 mins. A fantastic start to the morning! I could barely hold my coffee mug afterward though….

Before working out this morning I had 2 apples and a granola bar. I really should not have had 2 apples… I used to have an apple intake problem. No, seriously. We are talking about 8 or so apples a day… I had to cut myself off cold turkey in February. Talk about TOUGH!

After the workout I had a peanut-butter banana smoothie and 2 pieces of peanut-butter toast. I used to NEVER eat this much for breakfast… this is a huge step for me! And since I have given up the scale, I am not sure how much weight I have gained in the past few weeks (since I have gotten off the Paleo diet and am now eating a MUCH greater food variety) but I know I have gained. This is a little hard to be “ok” with mentally, but I just keep telling myself->

“Eat more. Get Stronger. Run Faster.”

Have a great day everyone! Get a good sweat in or a needed rest day… whatever it is try to relax and enjoy it!

I hope to get a treadmill speed workout in later this afternoon and/or a crossfit workout. We will see!

My legs are recovered from Saturday and ready to go! They are just itching for another race! I don’t have any on the books right now and I hate when that happens! I love training for a race! I am researching some fun Half’s for this summer—>

Anyone know any good ones?



One comment

  1. I am so glad that you loved it!! Sorry you couldn’t hold your coffee cup but you rock for getting it out of the way so early!!

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