I Survived and a New Workout “Group”!

I have just printed out the FINAL DRAFT of my Analytical Critique of the Cost Benefits of Ecoroofs. Boring Boring BORING.

People ask me all the time, “Andrea, as much as you LOVE to run, LOVE to workout, LOVE to talk health, and LOVE to live in workout clothes….why are you studying Public Affairs and Environmental Science?” –what a fantastic question…

I have no idea.

My mom always said I was 6 different people rolled into one–Social as can be, yet the ultimate home-body, lover of big cities yet most content and happy in little towns, craving the sun and heat yet hell-bent on moving to Ski Capital USA (CO), loves everything about international travel yet there is no place on earth like here at home, comes off confident and sure of myself yet I am my biggest critic and enemy…..

So I guess it only makes sense that I have about 30 different career/school interests. Well, Public Affairs and Environmental Science are one of them.  Just so happens that exercise/fitness/health are much more fun to do/talk about than that other stuff…..

I had a GREAT workout this morning! Woke up a little after 4am, worked on my paper until 5:45, and hit the gym by 6am.  I felt very awake and ready to go, but for some reason I was so sluggish!!! I knew I didn’t want to run because my legs were a little tired still from the Half on Saturday, but I wanted to get a bike workout in at least. Well, after my 5 minute warmup it is a miracle I didn’t just get off and go home for breakfast ha… but I made myself do it!! And I am (of course) SO GLAD I did!

I did a 40 min HARD AS SH*T sweaty interval/hill climb, followed by 6 sets of 20 lunges, 10 squat jumps. WOW my butt and thighs were screaming!!! Love that feeling….

This workout was based off of the the NEW AWESOME BEACH BODY CHALLENGE by RunningInHeels!!! If you have never been to Brookes blog, you are really missing out! She is hilarious and fun and a great “coach” and motivator!! With an exceptionally cute dog and great food ideas!

I would love to stay up late and watch Michigan win the NCAA Championships, but I am about 3 blinks from passing out…

Good night all! Sweet dreams!


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