Sunday Happiness and Fresh Starts

I love Sundays. Even though the week begins tomorrow and I have a million things to do, I love the slow pace of Sundays.

I love going to church, I love that my gym doesn’t open until 8am (even though here I am up at 4am), I love turning the page in my planner and organizing the week ahead, I love my coffee (yes I know I have that everyday, but it taste better on Sundays), I love making my lunches/dinners for the next few days, I love going to Barnes&Nobles and scooting along the running section/cooking section and taking pictures of pages with my phone because I am too cheap to actually buy the book…(if only my phone could make hard copies).

I love that Sunday marks a new start. Whatever good/bad happened in the past week is irrelevant now.  I am blessed with a fresh beginning to my week where I get to be in charge and determine its outcome– will I be on top of all my work, or let it get the best of me? Will I slack off in my workouts or will I power through the physical and mental barriers? Will I maintain a balanced diet all week, or will I over-dose on certain food groups again? And if I do have setbacks, will I just give up, or will I stand-up straight and tackle it again the next day?

Sunday’s are a time to redefine yourself. Take advantage.

Life truly is the ultimate race… Keep your head up, form relaxed, and power through the wind/hills/mental-barriers/physical-aching’s.

In the race of life– Run Hard Run Fast Run STRONG.


  1. I am also a type A personality, but tend to get stressed on Sundays. I’m going to try your outlook from now on and make Sundays a slow pace so I’m ready for the week. Way to be positive!

    1. Yes! It is hard to do, but I realized Sunday’s really are supposed to be a “day of rest!” and while that doesn’t tend to happen physically or mentally… it at least should try to be emotionally!!!

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