Questionable Pre-race meals and A Question for You!

So my parents got here last night So great when we can be together! I wanted to eat at 6:30 which is when I usually eat during the weak. ((I am very on schedule with that)). WELL, one thing led to another, and between my mom arriving an hour late, me forgetting to pick up my Race Packet, and a 1 HOUR WAIT at Scotty’s Brewhouse, followed of course by a 45 min wait to actually get our food, it was 9:45pm when I first put food in my stomach. I AM USUALLY IN BED AT THAT HOUR! That’s not a joke either… I am a “in bed by 9:45, asleep by 10” type of gal. So already this night was allllll messed up!

I thought because I ate super late, I wont be hungry in the morning and can get by on just a few bites of a granola bar or apple. Well here I am, awake, at 5am, and I have no apples in the house : ( and I find myself 3 bowls deep into Kashi Cereal. I am not even hungry since dinner was not that long ago! So now I am super full. And I supposedly am running a Half in 2 hours. Hmm… Great choices Andrea!! I am trying to drink lots of coffee so I can hopefully ((and sorry for over sharing here guys)) get some of this out of me before the start line.  Nothing makes me go like coffee!!

For dinner I had the Mo’fo Grilled Chicken Salad and a hefty plate of sweet potato fries. I was so hungry by the time we got fed last night that I almost wasn’t hungry anymore. Anyways, I will be running this race on MUCH more calories than normal, so we shall see how it goes!

At least I am holding true to my new Motto of “Eat more, Get Stronger, Run Faster.” I have given up weighing myself and decided that when I weigh myself, I let that number dictate how I eat for the rest of the day– which is either then conservative and not enough calories, or freak out mode by the low number and a complete Binge-fest. So, in recap::

No Scale=No weight #= Eat how I feel= Healthy Weight= Healthy Runner

Anyone got anything to add to the above equation? Please I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!

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