Hoosier Half and Post-race Activities

I was so pleasantly surprised by the race today! After all the “weird” eatings/sleeping patterns of last night and this morning, I had no idea what to expect. Also considering I have hardly been putting in any mileage… I was really preparing myself for the worst. And as such I decided to NOT be competitive and go out and –get this— JUST HAVE FUN!!!
Well, it worked! I had a blast! I did not look at my watch once and just ran how I felt and enjoyed the PERFECT running weather. Seriously, one of the best mornings. It was an 8am race and was about 45 degrees at the start and the finish temp was a beautiful 58 degrees! I was a very rolling hills course which kept it fun and interesting!


My parents were all over the course cheering me on which made it so much better! Sharing races with people just makes them that much better, don’t you agree?

At mile 7.5 I stopped in a construction port-a-potty… hey when you gotta go you gotta go….
At mile 11 my dad shouted that I was the 11th girl in the race! I was shocked! I wasn’t even trying that hard! My competitiveness started kicking in as much as I tried not to, and I caught two girls in front of me before the end of the race! I could have gone harder over the whole of the race… but I didn’t want to push it since there was no training for this and I did not want to injure my hip ((which had been hurting a bit all week)).


My final time ((including the bathroom stop)) was 1:33:00. I am pretty happy with that all things considering! That is about 7:02 pace. Not a PR or anything, but fun fun fun!


Still a little kid who loves medals!
Afterward we went to Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse and I had an incredible 3 egg white omelet with bacon/onion/mushroom. OhMGeeee DELICIOUS!!

Then I REALLY celebrated by going to the Library for 3 hours to try and write more of my paper…. I won’t lie and say it went well. Because it didn’t. But at least I started writing… hopefully do more tonight? Naw, I will be asleep by 9 probably.

I am already excited to workout tomorrow!!! Can’t get enough! What should I do? What do you guys do after a weekend long run? Do you take a break, run slow/short the next day? Cross Train? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter!


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