Empty Gyms and New PR’s

This is why I love the mornings, and this is why I workout in the mornings:


I mean just look how awesome and empty this place is!
Here is the 200m running track:


Guys! I got a new max on my Split Jerk AND Power Cleans this morning!
–Split Jerk: 80#
–Power Clean: 75#
This morning I focused only on upper body because of the race tomorrow. I warmed up with a mile around the indoor track, then just did bench press, push press, and split jerk. The only reason I did a power clean in there is because I had to some how get the weight back on the rack without embarrassing myself, and I didn’t want to have to take the weight off (bc I am lazy), and I really didn’t want to ask a guy to help me. So I though I might as well go for a power clean PR!

I went straight from the gym to school to be what they call a “Breakfast Mingler” for the prospective master students. I forgot to take a picture of the breakfast spread… but YUM! I love talking to people! I love mingling! Met some awesome new students.

Ok, time to get my study on! Cost-benefit Analysis, here I come!! Quick Prayer first maybe– Lord, PLEASE let me have a productive day so I can enjoy my parents being here tonight, STRESS FREE!! Amen!

Have a great one guys!

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