Coffee Lovin’

So I need to tell you all really fast just how dear to me coffee is. I will pay an absurd amount for a pound of fresh ground coffee… I don’t even want to tell you because the price makes me sad but the taste makes me SO HAPPY!!
My recent ski trip in Colorado, I stayed in the town of Frisco in Summit County and coffee-ed at Rocky Mountain Coffee Co everyday. And check out their spread of beans–


I have a wonderful, slow morning routine, and the main part of that is due to coffee. I have a 12 cup coffee maker, and when I roll out of bed at 5am, the first thing I do is turn it on and start brewin’.
I drink my coffee black. I never put anything in it. I never have… I don’t know why. It tastes best to me when I can really taste the coffee flavor… And of course, the coffee always seems to taste better when it is drank from a special mug. I have a million of them from many special places. My favorites are my recent collection of Ski Resorts–Vail, Deer Valley, Alta. ((to be absolutely perfect I would also have Copper Mountain, Steamboat, and Keystone too))




And this one I just enjoy because it was an extremely happy, perfect day for me! I was in Milwaukee with my best friends this summer, woke up early, grabbed a cup of joe and walked the five steps from her apartment to the beach. It was bliss.


Have a special evening everyone : )

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