Updated “ME” section and Listening To My Body

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Listening to Our Bodies. I would say that is one of the most beneficial tool for an athlete, yet it is also the hardest and most ignored component of our training.  Our bodies talk to us all the time.  Hungry, tired, energetic, sore, weak, strong, brain-dead, happy, etc. Even though some of these are mental feelings, we still feel the physically as well. I don’t know about you, but when I am stressed, my body is tired and weak and overall ache-y.  When I am happy, I feel energized, my muscles are responding, and I am bounding to and fro!  Atheletes (runners especially) are very good about listening to our bodies when we are just craving that long run…. we hear it and go out and give it what it wants! Easy-peasy.

But what about when our bodies are telling us to ease-back? To take a break? To (gulp) take time off?? –Ok,THEN we suddenly don’t hear so well. Turn a deaf ear, if you will.  Athletes love to sweat, push their bodies, chase those endorphins, demand more from their bodies than people think possible. It is what makes us… well, us. It sets us apart from the inactive/sedentary population.  Day’s off are scary.

WELL, my body is talking, and I am doing my best to listen! The two-a-days that I have been demanding of myself for the last few weeks as I try to get back in the swing of running while simultaneously crossfitting/lifting/cross-train is wearing on my body. My workouts are suffering because my legs are just constantly tired!! This morning I wanted to do a last run before the Half on Saturday along with some power cleans, but instead I ended up doing a 30 min Spin workout and 4 stride outs. Yes, I pushed it hard, but my legs were already tired and HEAVY. They were dragging on those pedals. Also, I felt a scary weakness/twinge in my hip that I had trouble with about a year ago. Uh-oh.

So I am going to take it easy until Saturday, pray that I make it through the Half in one piece, and continue to work on FUELING my body properly and RESTING when I need to rest!!

Q: I am looking for a GREAT running book on training/nutrition (primarily for women). Any suggestions??

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