Thursday Sleepy Thoughts

So I have had sleeping problems for a few years now.  It basically dates back to two years ago when I studies abroad for 4 months in New Zealand. Ever since then I have had a really hard time sleeping. I have never slept past 8am… and never had a complete GOOD nights sleep. It kinda sucks.

So you can bet my surprise when I woke up at 5am this morning and actually had a yearning to lie in bed and go back to sleep. That neverrr happens! I went ahead a got up and got dressed for the gym, but I am thinking I should have taken advantage of that extremely rare opportunity and gift that God gave me this morning in the form of sleep and just post-pone the workout till later today. Hmm..

Every fitness article/book/study has really started emphasizing the importance of sleep for your overall healthy.  Diet and exercise are key, but they say if you are prone to be stressed and constantly fail to get 7 hours of sleep ((um Hello they are describing every college student)) then weight gain, sub-optimal workout performances, junk food cravings, and “toxic” chemicals produced by your body, result.

Wow that sounds awful. Yet Me and so many of us out there fail at this part of our “Healthy Lifestyles”.

Bahh!! I NEVER get 7 hours! I consider it a Win when I get 6 — and even that doesn’t happen all too often!

So, a goal to add to all my other running/school goals that I have set—- sleep 8-10 hours straight.

Whew, that may be my toughest one yet….

Have a great morning everyone!

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  1. […] abroad in New Zealand and lost a lot of weight and became obsessed with food/fitness) I have had serious sleeping problems. I average 5 hours a night. And that includes weekends when I have nothing to get up for. […]

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