My day, My thoughts, My workout, and BUFFET BREAKFAST!

1.) I have exactly 4 days to complete my FINAL cost-benefit analysis term paper regarding the implementation of eco-roofs in Portland, OR for watershed and stormwater management. (YAWN). I I am seriously dreading this weekend. Good thing I have a great relationship with the library. For real, it understands me. It knows me well… knows exactly how I like it. (quiet&roomy).

2.) I have been thinking about the subject of Running Coaches.Β  My favorite blog The Hungry Runner Girl, talked about her running coach and the workouts and I am jealous! I miss being told what to do! Anyways if anyone knows where to begin looking for coaches…?

3.) I eat a well balanced breakfast, I pack my lunch and it is always plentiful and nutrient/calorie/veggie/good-fat dense…. but when I finally come home in the evening, I go CRAZY!! I start out with a main meal, then tonight I had probably HALF of the Costco size bag of Organic Tortilla Chips, followed by TWO Yasso Greek Yogurt ice cream bars, then MORE CHIPS!!! ((with a few apples thrown in between)). FULLLL!!! You know when you are a little kid and if you eat chips before dinner your parents are like, “Don’t Andrea you will spoil your dinner. You have had enough.” And you reluctantly put the chips away because your mommy said so. Well, I’ve got no mommy here! I can eat them alllllll I want!! I usually don’t even keep them in my house! uhhhh whatever. Try again tomorrow with the whole “balanced eating” thing.

4.) I deep cleaned my house tonight. Get this– BOTH of my parents are coming to stay the night with me tomorrow and then watch me run the Half on Saturday. Yay that means good dinner out tomorrow night : ) My place is big for one person… not sure if it is big in terms of 3 people. We will see!

5.) The workout I had proposed for last night half-happened. I rowed a bit. I walked a bit. Then I decided “Andrea, you are tired, you ran 5.5 this morning, you have a half on Saturday, and you got school work to do. GO HOME.” So ya…

6.) As I mentioned in my earlier post, I did a HARD N’ SWEATY 30 min spin workout this morning at 6am.

7.) Tomorrow is what my grad program calls “Experience Day” where prospective masters student from all over the country come and spend the day as we pamper them and convince them that Indiana University SPEA is the greatest masters program in the nation (I mean it is awesome…) Anyways I am volunteering at it and am classified as a “Breakfast Mingler”. This means I sit around and EAT and TALK with people! And I will takeΒ  a pic of the breakfast spread. We are talkin’ TOP QUALITY. Panera Bread, fruit, coffee, pastries, etc. SO PUMPED!


  1. Wow, you are one busy girl! Good luck on your race this weekend! How fun πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much!I am just going to try and have fun and enjoy it!

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