Proposed Quick Workouts


Hold me accountable guys! This is what I am hoping to do tonight and tomorrow morning. The first workout for tonight before going home for din din ((anyone else grew up calling dinner “din din”??)). But I did have an AWFUL 5.5 mile rum this morning g, so we will see how tired I am. I just like to eat dinner when I am tired and sweaty. Tastes better. The second workout I hope to do tomorrow morning. I am iffy on the running and weights, because I am actually running the Hoosier Half Marathon on Saturday. –um, side note guys…. I have not run over 8 miles since my last half in November. And really, I have taken a loooong winter rests from running (kinda) and was Crossfitting everyday for a couple months. So basically I am INSANELY lacking on endurance right now. So this race will be run as a “training run” rather than “race”. We will see…… So maybe power cleans and a 4ish mile run at 6am, maybe not. Have no fear, I will let you know tomorrow. Oh–and any advice on my workouts/race are welcome. P.s- if you have never tried the rowing machine…. it is my new favorite torture device. For reals. Definition of a Love/Hate relationship.


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