3 Happiness’ during my day

It doesn’t take much to make me have an “OK” day…
3 quick things that makes grad school suck less–


Filtered Water. No only does it taste better… but honestly, it makes me feel good whenever I get to set my purdy Nalgene on its own special little “shelf” thing to fill ‘er up.


Taking 5 mins out of my day to flip through this AWESOMEEEE book. Seriously. It covers just about every topic of running, and then sum. Each page is its own separate ‘idea’… so you can quickly read through 5 different aspects of running. My favorites? The Cross-training section, the Top Races in the United States section, and Best Running Songs. Oh, and they sporadically have pages of motivational quotes. Ballerr.


Can.Not.Get.Enough. I used to not eat these… But then a few weeks ago as I was skiing with my family in Colorado I had about 2 a day because we were obviously waaaay to cheap to eat lunch (or buy ANYTHING) on the mountain. I mean really– for me to buy a 20$ bowl of Chilli, it better F-ing Blow.My.Mind.

Cheers to a great day all!

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