2 Mornings and Mental Toughness

I had 2 sets of mornings this morning. One from 4am-5:35am.  I ate a couple bites of peanut butter toast because that seems to be most runners #1 pre-run breakfast… but it was just not working for me. I had a bowl of oatmeal and 2 little apples instead. Then I worked more on this cost-benefit analysis case study…. Then I “napped”. From 5:35am-6:50am. I woke up refreshed and went out for a run!

This run was doomed from the start.  That breakfast just did not sit well. I felt empty yet full. And… ((we are all runners/athletes out here, right?))…. I had some emergency bathroom stops if you know what I mean. Anyways, instead of feeling better after hitting the bathroom, I would feel even more weak and empty. My legs were barely moving.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) I had gone on an Out-Back run, so I was getting in the mileage I had planned regardless.

But it was a pure mental workout. I had to keep chanting to myself over and over, “Every step closer to home, every step closer to home…” Bahhhh I hate when those runs happen!

But, while I wanted so many times to just walk and say “I will try this run again later today”, I kept at it. And those are the training runs that truly make you a stronger competitor.  Those are the runs that count.  Those are the runs that set you apart from the others.

Stride on, my friends, and have a great day : )


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