AWESOME morning Spin and my new motto

As always, rose waaay to early (4:20am) but it gave me time to stuff my face on my favorite combo of Kashi Go Lean and Pumpkin Granola cereal with cinnamon, and Coffee (duhh)  I waste entirely too much time catching up (ok stalking) all my favorite running blogs… but I finally was able to continue work on my cost benefit analysis case study regarding the expansion of I-69 through the southwest Indiana. REALLY wish I could say I found it interesting….

Anyways, I hit the gym at 6am ready for any excuse to stop writing/studying. My legs were very exhausted from yesterday’s morning of Thrusters/Box Jumps/Power Cleans and from yesterday afternoons very spontaneous run.  Don’t you love spontaneous, random, entirely last minute runs?? I was on a huge time crunch (4pm class) so at 3pm when I ran out the door I knew I had to make the short time I had, count–(Afternoon Run)

So this morning I knew that I needed to take a day off of running and let my legs recover.  I still have memories of the stress fracture in my femur that makes me weary of running too many days in a row. So today I kicked my own a$$ on the bike for 42min. Check out my ‘Workouts‘ page!

(Seriously was sweating like a pig afterward. Then I did some lunges. Then had to RUSH home to get ready for my 8am class)

So, y’ll don’t know me too well (yet) but I am what I would call, that awful “skinny-fat”. That is a term that is floating around now when someone is skinny, but are not “athletic” or “strong” skinny. They are actually just thin and wispy.  I actually used to be athletic/powerful… but the decline from that is another story for another day. I am working on the strength thing though (hence the crossfitting I do and all the extra weight lifting) but I still have a hard time fueling my body appropriately.  I know I do an awful job of eating enough protein, and I just recently stopped eating Paleo (no grains at ALL).  I have gotten too thin and have lost strength and endurance in my workouts. So, although it is hard for a girl to say when everything in our culture today is about losing weight and getting skinny, I have to try to fuel my body with slightly more calories. It is hard to do. For 2 years I have done nothing but deny myself food groups to maintain a loooow weight.

But that is going to change. I have to train myself mentally. Here is my motto (quite simple)-

“Eat More, Getting Stronger, Run FASTER.”

…And of course the “eat more” needs to be “good” foods– as much as I wish I could just fill all meals in life with Costco Tortilla Chips.

So now, the blog world knows! I will eat better foods! And not be afraid to gain weight! BECAUSE IT WILL MAKE ME A BETTER RUNNER!! : )

Hope other people can either relate or learn from my ‘past’!


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