Quick fun fact

This is not important by any means. Like, at all. But I am sharing this nonetheless.
I used to be a HUGE finger-cuticle biter (eww I know). I have never met anyone like me that could handle the pain of ripping off a hang nail and making my self bleed and fingers sting to the point that they would absolutely throb at night. I would “accidently” bleed on important documents…. most recently a check I was giving someone. Gross. That poor person.
I would get blood on shorts, pants, pillows… you name it! OK I am done.

Anyways it would get really really d in the winter time and when I was stressed. Well… hello college?? I mean am I right?? So undergrad was a bad four years on my fingers…. but grad school has taken on a whole new level of F-ED UP FINGERS.
I am proud to say that for the last 4 weeks I have tried so so super hard to heal up my fingers… and it is working! I am so proud of myself! Between carrying around my trusty O’Keeffe’s Working Hands lotion and sleeping in gloves at night as my hands soak in aloe and Vaseline…. my fingers are starting to look normal. Like, I wouldn’t be embarrassed to post my ring finger on Facebook after my boyfriend proposes like everyone else in the world —-(( oh my gosh NO that is not even a possibility right now. That would require me to have time to date to MEET a guy…))

So here you guys go! My healing fingers, my good ol’ O’Keeffe’s…. and an excuse for practicing my first photos ( all while not paying attention in class).

Go me!



If I wasn’t in class I would also post my excited face with my fingers next to my face … just so you fully grasp the accomplishment and freaking awesomeness that I am experiencing!. Maybe if you all are lucky I will show you a picture of just how bad they have been in the past……maybe….. πŸ™‚

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