Thoughts while Running….

Where to start? I get such great thoughts when I run, whether it is for blogging, a paper I am writing, a text I want to send, grocery item I need (ok want… like Pita chips…), anything and everything comes to mind. Unfortunately, running is not conducive to writing down/emailing/texting/blogging.

My first thought when I ran out the door? I feel naked.

Indiana has been so cold for what feels like so long, that I literally felt lost on this bright, sunny 60 degree day! I also ran during the “daylight” hours, which was confusing. Like, there is traffic and other runners?? Who knew… I am a 6am runner. And in March, 6am is dark. cold. and lonely. I LOVE it. But hey…. running is running is running. And it gave me the endorphins I was looking for! So normally I have on 2 reflectors, hat, gloves, tights, and 2 long sleeve shirts. Today I had on shorts and 1 of my 20 dry-fit long sleeve Drumstick Dash shirts. I was hot even. But felt naked the entire way…. actually felt really freeing if you get my drift… ; )

Here’s what I did:

51 min 14 sec—-7.28 miles—- 7.01 min/mile average

((all according to my Nike GPS watch…. if you don’t have one I HIGHLY recommend it!))

I am pretty happy with this! My legs were tired ((did power cleans, deadifts, front squats, and 1000m row this morning at the gym)) and there was a brutal western wind, but I was smart and went against the wind out, and came back with it : )

I am signing up tonight for the Hoosier Half Marathon on Saturday, and I am no where NEAR ready for 13 miles. I have not run 13.1 miles since about November 2012 at the Indianapolis Monumental (which was awesome by the way!)

Oh well! We will see how it goes!

Dinner time with my favorite Kirkland Brand organic tortilla chips (from Costco obviously) and who knows what else!!


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