Once it’s out there for the world….

… then you have the world to hold you accountable. Right?

Ok maybe that is a little dramatic. Basically I am lacking on endorphins and in my own cloudy cloud (can you have a cloudy cloud?) and do not want to study any longer. I have used every excuse to push back my workout, but finally decided that if I blog it, then it will happen…. we shall seeeeeee…..

Usually I do not need this motivation. I am LOVE to run. I just plain LOVE to sweat and workout and lift weights… even the awful workouts leave me feeling awesome. But today… ya…. today I am just being annoying and complaining extra loud (but only to myself. I live by myself… so only I get the pleasure of enjoying my whine-y-ness!)

So, I shall cure this with:

1. Pump up music. Usually blasting Patron/Tequilla by Paradiso Girls does the trick.

2. Watch a Nike YouTube Ad. OhMgeeee I love those athletes!

3. Check for updates/Read some of my fave running blogs! The best? — The Hungry Runner Girl, Running in Heels, Meals and Miles, and Peanut Butter Fingers.

So I have given myself a time– at the end of the Michigan/Florida game (Go BIG10!) I will lace up, head out the door, and GET MY ENDORPHINS!!!

But seriously; love me the Runner’s High. It is one of my few rays-of-light is my life that is Graduate School. Boo. Who’s idea was it for me to go to grad school? oh right…. Mine. hmm.

Happy Easter and find whatever makes you smile today! God, Family, Running… all the above! Live well my friends!

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