I am so sorry for my absence! I greatly miss all of you! However, I have to tell you that I am going to continue with this ‘Blogging Hiatus’ for a bit longer. There are many many reasons for this, but the most important reasons to tell you all now is that this a good […]

Good Morning! I hope everyone is still riding high from Christmas! Prolong that feeling of warmth, cheer, and happiness as long as possible! I had a wonderful time with my family, ate amazing food (relatively guilt free… or at least better than last year), and laughed my booty off at awesome random things 🙂 Recently, […]

Good Morning and Happy December 24! **Sorry if you saw this for a brief 1 hour yesterday… didn’t mean to publish it then!! I had the 1st of 3 Family Christmas celebrations this past weekend! On my mom’s side, we got together early (rather than all 3 on the 25th like we used to do!) […]

Good Morning and Happy ALMOST Christmas! To remind myself (and you) that this is still a blog that will throw in some running now and then… I decided to give you all a little catch-up with:: my running, not-running, will-be-running, possible-training-plan, etc. Let’s go: It has been almost 5 weeks since Richmond Marathon. I was […]

Good Morning and Happy Thursday! Can you believe we are less than a week from Christmas!?! I have my last exam today in Environmental Management at noon… and it is gonna be a doozy! While I am nervous as all-get-out, I did have some Good Omens yesterday that I think are definitely a sign to […]

Happy Wednesday! Half way there! Glad to hear how you guys like to “refresh” after a long day (and taking off your bra seemed to be a big one for us ladies!) My family goes on vacation ever winter and it is absolutely my favorite “gift” every year! Because we like to treat that as […]

Happy Tuesday Friends! I spent the entire day with no classes or work… just studying. It was awful. But here is what I learned! How to quickly change your mood and Feel Better/Wake-Up after either a Long and/or Lazy day: Take your bra off. Just do it. Amazing. Instant Freedom. I have a love/hate relationship […]